Cambalache is a compendium of interwoven stories about teenagers trying to deal with the paranormal in a very un-paranormal world, and how that might or might not set up a chain of events leading to the apocalypse. Ultimately it's a story about people like the author, who's just trying to make sense of a world which is not as magical but yet much more magical that one might expect it to be. 

Gualicho is a bored 17 year old little shit who lives in the beautiful Slaughterhouse District. Bored with life, he spends most of his time online trying to find some answers for his existential crisis in online games and imageboards. One day he decides to try his hand at magic(k). Go figure what happens. Sabrina is an incredibly talented fanfiction writer who also happens to be into necrophilia. She hangs around cementeries as much as she can, but don't let her hear you say she's a goth because she'll totally have your head.
Sam is the owner of a little yet thriving occult bookstore who knows a bit more than he lets on (but not that much, either). He likes drinking vodka to forget how miserable he is, and also likes getting into very cynical tirades about life. is your average kick-ass girl who's colored her hair in every single color imaginable to man. She knows a lot about true crime and urban legends, but doesn't really believe in the paranormal. 
Lucía is a sweet Colombian girl who's just trying to survive high school. Born to a very wealthy patrician family, she has a very hard time at both school and home, as she's the constant target of bullies while also being completely neglected by her parents. Alulim is kind of like the 40 year old uncle who tries to seem like he's still "hip" by making unnecesary references to pop culture at family gatherings, but also he's pretty fucking intimidating, so nobody ever says anything about it. 
Victor is the wealthy scion to one of the largest banking dinasties in the world. The guy literally shits money. His hobbies are the wet dream of every Alex Jones type ever.