About the author

aelur is a 20 something year old who was born and raised in the glorious Peronist republic of Argentina.

Her previous career choices as a kid were a paleontologist and an intelligence officer, but at some point she figured machines would end up ruling the earth and she wanted to stay on their good graces, so she began studying Information Systems Engineering at the National Technological University.

Because waiting for the inevitable technological singularity might take way too much time she also began writing and drawing, and her work in the last couple of years has been mostly focused on raising human spirituality in order to avoid the aforementioned technological singularity. She believes life is too short not to sabotage herself once or twice. 

As an occultist, she is mainly interested in the qabbalah and its relationship with alchemy and hermeticism. She doesn't know shit about eastern practices nor gods with fancy names. Don't let her fool you into thinking she knows something: she makes shit up. All the time. Like this comic. It's all a lie.

You can find her posting shit about [cambalache in her blog]

Or watch her lose [her shit on deviantart] or [tumblr]